Salt & Pepper Fries and Success

I LOVE living the IFiredDaBoss lifestyle! It means FREEDOM! It means hanging with the best people – meeting old & new friends, while trying out every outstanding eatery that I hear about! (I’m a self proclaimed foodie). It also means free to live the JESUS life and love on people! So it happened to be that…

…I was in New Holland PA a few days ago, right in the middle of Amish country!! I and a good friend and business partner, went to the New Holland Coffee Co. and tried out their food and coffee!

I ordered the classic 1/3# burger, with all the fixings, and (a new one for me) Salt & Pepper Fries (yum), paired with a Vanilla Americano!

Outstanding food & coffee, in a beautiful atmosphere, for a reasonable price with amazing friends! It’s all part of the IFiredDaBoss lifestyle! I highly recommend you to stop by, if you get in the area and have lunch or at least a cup of coffee! You will thank me later!

Salt & Pepper Fries and Success

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