Watch me, Mock me, Block me or Join me but you Can’t Stop me!

“You can Watch me, Mock me, Block me or Join me, but what you cannot do is Stop me if God is For me!”

Romans 8:31b – If God be for us, who can be against us?

One of the best lessons that I have learned in life but especially in business is, regardless of what’s going on in my world, I can change MY economy and no one can hold me back! I do not need to be held hostage by other’s stupidity, mistakes or even wrongs done towards me and often blaming others for my situation is nothing more than excuses for my inaction anyway!

Since learning that lesson, I will never be the same. I will never complain the same!! I will never allow those around me be the same without challenging them to be the best they can be! “I AM the cream that rises to the top and I will take other cream with me!!”

The interesting thing is, as I have changed my mind & thought process, God seems to pay more attention to my prayers addressing finances!! I believe it is because I am more in alignment with His thinking and will. Negativity and doubt are counter-productive to blessing all the time!

So, fellow entrepreneur keep pressing forward through the tough times, breaking through the barriers, climbing those mountains and your head bowed in prayer. The rewards are NEVER for the quitter and ALWAYS for the consistent, the faithful, the diligent and the doer!

God is in control and told me to be faithful and He will bless me. He did not tell me to be in control so He can be faithful!

– That’s how “I Fired Da Boss”!

Watch me, Mock me, Block me or Join me but you can Stop me!

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